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2019 elections in Ukraine

Hostages of politics

What will the Ukrainian economy depend on in 2020?


Protesters attack buses carrying Wuhan evacuees in Ukraine

Ukrainian riot police prepare to push back protesters, who planned to stop buses carrying passengers evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, outside Novi Sarzhany, Ukraine


Ze Nation

Volodymyr Zelenskiy is a surprising reflection of Ukrainian society


US official who certified Ukraine aid resigns at Trump's request

John Rood, the Pentagon's top policy official, is the latest to be purged following Trump's acquittal in the Senate


New challenges and opportunities

In 2020, for the first time in history, Kyiv will host the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly


Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demands Russia release 4 fishermen detained in Sea of Azov

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian chargé d’affaires ad interim in Kyiv on Monday and expressed protest over the detention of four Ukrainian fishermen


Portrait in dirty grey

New Year in occupied Donbas


Unitarity under assault

In what way do Zelenskiy’s initiatives regarding decentralization, referenda and dual citizenship threaten the integrity of the Ukrainian state?


Ukraine, EU ink agreement on EUR 25 mln assistance in digitalization

Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk has said that Ukraine and the European Union (EU) have signed an agreement on assistance worth EUR 25 million in the sphere of digitalization


Brake time?

The new administration failed, after all, to make good on a single serious reform. The seemingly minor postponement could suggest a systemic crisis of decision-making