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British Conservatism: a Story of Success

British conservatism is a philosophy of moderation which means that while Conservatives broadly support the established laws, they recognise the continual need for evolution rather than revolution.


The Church Against the Government

The Church of England and Catholic Church condemn plans to allow gay marriages


Growing Weary of Each Other

Ineffective completion of NATO's anti-terrorist campaign in Afghanistan may question further existence of the Alliance


The End of the Thaw: The West is Preparing For Confrontation With the Kremlin

Every movement and all the initiatives made by the West or NATO in Vladimir Putin's eyes are seen as an efforts to harm Russian interests


Egypt's Revolution Is Slipping Out of Control

The mounting anger and frustration in Cairo and other main cities paint a frightening picture


Turbulent Times

2012 bodes troubles for most of the world


Occupy Wall Street (OWS): British Scenario

After OWS protests blockaded St Paul's Cathedral, Anglican church faces dilemma whether to support the state or maintain the protesters


Istanbul Rising

Where are Turkey and Erdogan moving?


The Cold Peace

Britain is one of the largest Western investors in Russia, yet has worse political relations with Moscow than any other major Western power.


A Fish Out of Water

Britain's Muslims are poorer, less well educated, have a higher unemployment rate and feel more alienated from the mainstream than almost any other ethnic or minority group.