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Defense Express

Сергій Згурець: «У питанні озброєнь ми маємо допомогти собі самі»

Тиждень розмовляв із директором інформаційно-консалтингової компанії Defense Express, членом правління Ліги оборонних підприємств про потреби й можливості українського ОПК.


Moving right along

What exactly is being produced in Ukraine today, what does the army still need, and how much of this can be provided by the domestic defense industry?


Building up armour

Current state and plans in Ukraine’s defense industry


Finding the balance

What it takes to upgrade Ukraine’s military


Andriy Parubiy: “New elections are a key mechanism to destabilize the country"

First Vice-Speaker, ex-Secretary of the National Secrutiy and Defense Council, and one of the leaders on the Maidan on events from two years ago and their significance today, Russia’s scenarios to destabilize Ukraine, and what security looks like now


Roman Romanov: “The army has gotten more in the last 6 months than in all years of this company’s operations”

Director of UkrOboronProm, a state weaponry agency, offers an inside scoop on the weapons industry in Ukraine today


Mykhailo Koval: “Thank the army”

Ex-Minister of Defence shares his views on the recent developments in Eastern Ukraine with The Ukrainian Week


Crimean self-defence kidnaps and beats editor and film director

On June 2, the local “self-defence” kidnapped editor and journalist Serhiy Mokrushyn and director Vladlen Melnykov, both from the Center of Journalist Investigation, in Simferopol, Crimea


Arming the Enemy

Despite loud statements about ceasing military cooperation, Ukrainian plants continue to supply the Russian aggressor


Expert: Ukraine’s non-bloc status should be supported by the development of regional defense cooperation with NATO and EU countries

Ukraine’s status as a non-bloc country cannot strengthen its sovereignty with security guarantees offered by any military alliance. Poland could play a key role in shaping the new Ukrainian defense architecture by advocating for the Central and Eastern European Defence Cooperation (CEEDEFCO) initiative, expert of the Polish Foreign Affairs Institute (PISM) Wojciech Lorenz says.