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Economic crisis

Deficit of Ukraine's foreign trade in goods, services 97% down in Jan-April

The deficit of foreign trade in commodities over the period under review shrank by 55%


Energy policy: stupidity or crime

What threatening consequences for the country may the new course in energy policy have?


Old and new risks

What are the threats facing Ukraine’s economy in 2020?


The coming crisis

More and more signals are indicating that, after four years of renewed growth, Ukraine could be facing an economic downturn in 2020


A dangerous euphoria

Renewed growth will exhaust its potential in 2020 with nothing created to replace it


Kari Liuhto: “Half of all Russian foreign investments landed in offshores”

During the 3rd Lviv Security Forum The Ukrainian Week met with Kari Liuhto, professor and director of the Pan-European Institute at Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku (Finland) to discuss Russian economic war against Europe, toxic investments and nature of Russian oligarchs


Drive, not drag

What kind of military-industrial complex could become the driver of economic and technological growth in Ukraine


The age of marauders

The economic crisis in occupied Donbas is getting worse. Marauding seems to be the rule of the day


The culture of poverty

What poorer Ukrainians think of subsidies, the rich, and themselves


The post-honeymoon mood

Ukrainians are not yet disappointed with the choice of the president and MPs. But some of the government’s actions no longer excite the majority