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European Union

The Customs Union representatives talk of common future with Ukraine

The Customs Union and Ukraine should find a way to mutually reinforce their positions in global trade, says Trade Minister of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Andrey Slepniov


Advice at the Sickbed

EU member-state embassies should transform into portals between the past and the future, rather than reserves of Euro-robots sending some to heaven, and others to purgatory


Bread and Law

Ukraine’s economic relations were originally European. So were its social lifestyle and institutions


Opposition gets the parliament to vote for European integration laws as the top priority on Thursday

On November 21, the Verkhovna Rada will vote on the European integration laws first thing, Speaker Volodymyr Rybak announces.


Stanislav Kulchytsky: “If we end up in the Customs Union – we will cement our communist past”

The Ukrainian Week reflects on this in the historic context with historian Stanislav Kulchytsky


Dangerous Games

Postponed Association Agreement signing may become an effective tool to put pressure on Yanukovych, but will make Ukraine more vulnerable to Russia


Bidding Farewell to Russia

Ukraine will remain a friend to a democratic Russia in the future. Now, Ukraine and Russia are bound to bid farewell to one another


The New York Times: a chocolate wall has descended across the continent of Europe.

The Ukranian chocolate factory shares a problem with many businesses in the countries that lie between the European Union and Russia. It is caught in a no-man’s land for trade, a place increasingly precarious as each side tries to recruit countries into exclusive trade deals, The New York Times reports.


Ukraine or Tymoshenko?

The ex-premier’s intention to run in the presidential election may discourage Yanukovych from releasing her in exchange for the Association Agreement


Usurpation in the Name of Europe

Under the cover of European integration, the government has pushed lobbied initiatives through parliament