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European Union

The anatomy of Euro-optimism

What unreasonable public expectations regarding the EU might get in the way of Ukraine’s eurointegration?


Content, not form

What model of European integration Ukraine needs


Ukrainian natural gas exported to Europe for first time in fifteen years

Ukraine has restarted exports of its own natural gas to Europe after fifteen years, exporting a relatively small amount to Slovakia, seemingly to demonstrate to the Ukrainian gas sector how easily it can be done


Ukrainian President announces reelection bid, aims for EU membership

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced he will seek reelection in the March presidential election, and vowed to press for European Union and NATO membership


The precursor to the Holodomor

What Stalin adopted from the Leninist experience of suppressing anti-Soviet protests in 1921


Russia widens ban on Ukrainian products

Russia has banned chocolate, beer and nappies made in Ukraine, in its latest economic sanctions on Kyiv


A missile stalemate

What ails the European allies of Donald Trump


A reform that ruined the Soviet Union

Why the bomb laid under the foundation of the USSR exploded


Exports: A successful shift

Ukrainian exports to the EU have reached record volumes and continue to rise sharply. But the potential for economic integration is far from being used effectively.


Populist panic

Do we see an understanding of the Russian threat in the European Union?