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European Union

The Pillars of European Scepticism

In countries such as Spain, France or Germany, public perceptions on Ukraine, the Maidan and the war, are a mixture of big-picture frame alongside much confusion


Freedom Quota

What role Gazeta Wyborcza played in Poland's transition from communism to democracy


Ukraine: European Success Story

The most important challenges are to lay genuinely strong and stable political foundations so that Ukraine never swerves away from its European course of reform regardless of any political uncertainties future elections may bring


The Gen-3 Mission: Beating the Holodomor effect

How much time for Ukrainians to get over the post-genocide syndrome?


The Dirty Word “Nationalism”

Why absurd opinions on “Ukrainian nationalists” are so persistent, and need to be refuted again and again


The Independence Imperative

When Ukraine declared independence on August 24, 1991, it not only meant the revival of the Ukrainian state—it was the decisive event in the collapse of the totalitarian soviet empire


Learning Independence

The possibility of change, and the opportunity to make that change stick brings meaning to the idea of independence for many ordinary Ukrainians today


Truth Out of Fashion

It is much easier to take the approach of multiple narratives than to accept that one side is right and the other wrong


The Man Who Never Laid Down Arms

Former UPA fighter shares his story of struggle against the Nazis and NKVD, GULAGs and return to Ukraine


A Sea Change on the Gas Market

A number of challenges and opportunities are coming Ukraine’s way as the European gas market undergoes a major restructurin