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European Union

The Pit of Fear

Why the Maidan in Ukraine has discouraged Belarusians from protests against their authorities


"In Ukraine as elsewhere SMEs are the backbone of the future economy"

The Ukrainian Week spoke to the President of the European Investment Bank about priorities in cooperation with Ukraine, quality control of projects that receive access to the funding and SMEs as a potential driver of Ukraine’s economy


How We Got Rid of Communism

Soviet Communism was always reminiscent of the nearly Byzantine sacrosanct structure of symbolic authority, and the fusion of the sacral and secular elements of power


The Red Thaw in Eastern Europe

After 1989, East European Communists transformed into social-democrats. Those who survived lustration remained in politics at home through the 1990s and early 2000s


The Freebooters in the Seas of Gold

Discussions about effectiveness of sanctions made fruitful grounds for speculations by those inclined to fish in troubled waters. Some representatives of French business openly ignore the EU restrictions declaring readiness to invest in Crimea and other partnerships with Russia


“Our independence was not pure luck, it was inevitable”

International lawyer Volodymyr Vasylenko speaks about the events leading to Ukraine's independence


Stanislav Kulchytsky:“Psychological dependence on Russia turns Ukrainians into Little Russians”

Historian Stanislav Kulchytsky speaks to The Ukrainian Week about why the Kremlin needs Ukraine, what threat the annexation of Crimea poses for Russia, what the essence of the problem in Ukrainian-Russian relations is, and how the political Ukrainian nation is emerging


Side Effects

Vladimir Putin’s bet on aggressive chauvinism and revanchism consolidates the West and unnerves satellites. More and more Russians begin to doubt it as well


Rebecca Harms: European leaders and US President Obama have to be clear that they do not accept the zigzag policy of Mr. Putin

Rebecca Harms, the President of the Greens-European Free Alliance group in the European Parliament, is one of EMPs who watch the situation in Ukraine closely. During her latest visit to Ukraine, The Ukrainian Week took a chance to speak to her shortly after her return from Eastern Ukraine.


Ukraine disappointed with EU sanctions against Russia

Kostiantyn Yelisieiev, Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU, is disappointed with the EU’s decision on sanctions against Russia