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Great Britain

Melinda Simmons: "Although we left the EU, the values, on which we base our relationship with Ukraine, remain the same"

The Ukrainian Week has discussed the newest strategic agreement between Kyiv and London, bilateral partnership, and trade perspectives with Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Ukraine


Dealing with the waves

How the UK government plans to address the issue of migrants


Fresh blood

New finance minister Rishi Sunak as competitor of the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson?


Seeking equality

Why racial problems split British society


Tomorrow's diplomacy

What are the challenges of Britain's foreign policy?


Preventing evil

Why the British program on deradicalization proved to be ineffective


Two challenges for the winner

How the politics of re-elected prime minister Boris Johnson will affect the United Kingdom and neighboring countries


The end of the era of moderation

Brexit is splitting British politics, and it is difficult to gauge the scale of this split


Boris Johnson and apocalypse

What economic and political challenges are threatening the new UK Prime Minister


A title man

Will Boris Johnson be able to repeat the success of his cult-hero Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of Great Britain?