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Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky

Skoropadsky and the federalist myth

Where did one of the most negative myths about Hetman Skoropadsky come from?


The Rise and Fall of Russian Wannbes

Most of the crimes against Ukrainians have been at the hands of other Ukrainians. What’s important now is to understand how this phenomenon of the Malorosians or Little Russians happened


Ukrainian State and Elites in the Early Modern Era

The Russian elite now want to restore an empire, based on historical arguments at that. These kinds of arguments once gave rise to the Russian Empire and they will, once shattered, spell an end to it


Bohdan Futey: “The beating we saw is not just physical, but mental, too. The government wants to evoke fear in people”

US Federal Judge Bohdan Futey talks about the new generation of Ukrainians and threats to Ukraine's independence


Pavlo Skoropadskyi: Torn Between Dual Loyalties

Becoming Ukrainian was as difficult and controversial for Pavlo Skoropadskyi as it was for the Ukrainian nation


The Hetmanate: Accomplishments and Failures

Accomplishments and failures of the 1918 Pavlo Skoropadskyi reforms


The Triumph of Ruins

The assassination of Vadym Hetman removed all barriers to the chaotic disbursement of the banking and financial sector in Ukraine and opened the way for the tycoon-controlled economy