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In the age of informational abundance

On undermining the foundation of democracy


Putin’s Internationale

Why is the Kremlin financing right-wing political ventures in Europe?


Brian Whitmore: “Putin wants to party like it is 1815”

During the 12th Kyiv Security Forum The Ukrainian Week met with the American publicist and researcher of Russian policy, Brian Whitmore, to discuss the future steps of Moscow in Ukraine and in the world, as well as details of the Kremlin's strategy for the West


Ukraine calls up reservists amid tensions with Russia

Ukraine's president on Monday announced a partial call-up of reservists for training amid tensions with Russia


Russia rejects Sentsov's mother's pardon request

The Kremlin has rejected a request by the mother of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov to pardon her son and release him from a Russian prison


Sentsov's mother asks President of Russia to pardon her son

Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov said that the Putin office received the letter but refused to comment further.


Oleh Sentsov’s lawyer: We have seen some reasons for optimism about the ongoing work that might lead to Oleh’s release

On May 16, Ukrainian filmmaker currently jailed in Russia as a political prisoner went on a hunger strike. In a public letter he wrote that he would only stop the strike if all 64 Ukrainian prisoners jailed in Russia for politically-motivated grounds are released


Kremlin Hostages: The key is not with Putin

For Ukrainians incarcerated in the occupied territories and in the Russian Federation itself, things could get much worse in 2018. Only serious international pressure is likely to make Moscow release these political prisoners


Russia moves to the desert

How the Kremlin is building up its presence in the Middle East


Prisoners of the Kremlin: Seven circles of freedom

As of the end of March, 44 Ukrainian citizens remained in Russian captivity. What can Ukraine do to free them?