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A vengeful spring?

What might cause the “Russian Spring” to make a comeback in Ukraine and where might this happen?


Why the Russian Spring froze up

What prevented Kremlin curators from realising the "Crimean scenario" in most regions of South-Eastern Ukraine?


Returning the hostages

Freeing the Kremlin's prisoners as our main assignment for the year


Old goals, new methods

The Kremlin's hybrid aggression against Ukraine: essence, development


Sabotage in the name of “peace”

A new Russian propaganda agency has started up in Kyiv as part of the Kremlin’s fifth column of “soft power”


"The expectation of death is worse than death itself"

What war captives and kidnapped civilians go through in the occupied territories, and how exchange mechanisms work


The West: Between Interests and Values

If the West wants to develop freely, it cannot allow the dominance of Russia, which, backward and parasitic, dictates its ineffective rules to the rest of the world.


Poor Russia

After the USSR collapsed, Russia delved into amnesia, then into rehabilitation of the Soviet past which turned grotesque through guilty conscience and lack of culture


Feigned Triumph or Concealed Capitulation

Russian leaders are certain their country will easily weather Western sanctions. Business disagrees


Putin’s Regiment in the EU

The “referendum” in Crimea revealed Vladimir Putin’s partners in the EU. Most are minority radical parties which, according to his design, have to undermine the EU’s already quite unwieldy system from the inside with Moscow’s support