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Michael Binyon

A knockout for the UK

Why Great Britain is losing clout on the international arena


Другий новітній есмінець ВМС США зламався під час випробувань

У есмінця USS Michael Monsoor під час випробувань зламався гармонійний фільтр, що захищає обладнання від перепадів напруги.


A strategic reserve of diplomacy

How Europe is preparing for the possible presidency of Donald Trump


“We are able to be the eyes and ears of the international community in the conflict area”

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission Spokesperson on its mandate and tasks in Ukraine


Michael McFaul: Putin believes that time is on his side: that the West will become disinterested and Ukraine will fail with reforms

Ex-US Ambassador to Russia on the “reset policy”, Russia’s “resource curse”, and main threats of Putin’s policy for the West and Ukraine


Britons: World's Worst Tourists

Cheap flights now bring in thousands of young people on package holidays offering cheap alcohol and a license to behave badly


The Guillotine Dilemma

While more and more countries abolish death penalty, most people in authoritarian countries still strongly support execution


Does a “Sorry” Make Sense?

Apologising for past events in history has become an explosive issue around the world. Should statesmen take personal responsibility for events that happened long before they were born?


Dead End

What should the West do about Syria? As the violence grows and more and more people are bombed, tortured and killed in bestial fashion, the pressure grows on the West to intervene to stop the killing.