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Michael Binyon

Political Correctess in UK

There is growing resentment in UK of the way that some militants from minority groups are exploiting the reluctance of the police, social services and the law to target known extremists for fear of being labelled racists.


Class Divide

Is Britain still obsessed by social class? In recent years, this seemed to be fading. Under the governments of Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, British society appeared to be more egalitarian, more meritocratic and less dominated by the way people speak, what school they attended and what position their parents had in society.


Persecuted for Faith

Clashes between Christians and Muslims are growing all along the boundary between the two religions, from Nigeria to Indonesia.


Confrontation in London

After one of the longest, costliest and most colourful court cases in British legal history, Boris Berezovsky has suffered a spectacular loss in his lawsuit against Roman Abramovich, and will have to pay one of the highest bills for court expenses ever incurred by a private individual - amounting, according to most estimates, to well over £100 million.


The Deadlock

Case of Julian Assange founder of the Wikileaks became a diplomatic rebus for the United Kingdom and Ecuador


After the Olympics

How will Britain use optimism, hope and sports facilities left after one of the best games in years?


Why is Kreml dissatisfied with London?

Out of all Western countries, Russia's worst relations are with the United Kingdom


A Big Bank Scam

The scandal involving Barlays, one of Britain's biggest banks, reveals large-scale fraud on the Western lending market


Time Bomb

High hopes of the Arab Spring have crashed


A Deserved Punishment

Democracy was born in Athens, but the coming election in Greece may well bring Western democracy to its knees.