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National Memory

Ukraine's national debt slightly down to $83.4 bln

In hryvnia equivalent, the state debt also slid by almost 1.5%, to UAH 2.048 trillion


After Viatrovych

How the current political environment may affect the work of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory


Oleksandr Turchynov: “On issues in defense of Ukrainian identity, we can’t back down”

The Ukrainian Week talks with one-time speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, acting president, and secretary of Ukraine’s National Security Council, about shifts in the nature of the war and informational security, and the rise of conservative trends in modern politics


Science & Technology: Diagnosis and treatment

Ukraine’s scientific sphere needs to be overhauled and invested in


Zelenskiy Approves New Composition of National Investment Council, Appoints Arakhamia Its Secretary

This follows from respective presidential decree 423 dated June 21, Ukrainian News Agency reports


Ukraine embassy says DNC operative reached out for information on Trump campaign in 2016

Ukraine's embassy wrote that a Democratic National Committee (DNC) insider reached out in 2016 seeking dirt on President Trump's campaign


Yuichi Hosoya: “Both Ukraine and Japan need to strength our own national defence capabilities and we have to keep the cooperation in defending the rule-based international order”

The Ukrainian Week talked with a Japanese political scientist to learn about Tokyo's relations with Beijing, the situation with the Kuril Islands and possible scenarios of exacerbation in Asia


U.S. diplomats issue alert over National Corps rally in Kyiv scheduled for March 16

The group has been linked to violence and public disorder, the Embassy stressed


Azov special forces unit returns to Donbas

The Azov was withdrawn from Mariupol in the summer of 2016


The year of grants

What are the prospects for the sciences in Ukraine in 2019?