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Odesa Port Plant

French warship is latest NATO vessel to visit Ukraine

A French navy warship has been docked in the Ukrainian port city of Odesa since March 23, making it the second NATO ship to visit Ukraine since the beginning of this year


March of Equality held in Odesa

There was an unsuccessful attempt to start a fight, but police prevented the conflict


The camps that raise storms

Why a big part of the Roma community is so poorly integrated all across Europe


Russia’s Azov blockade

How the Kerch bridge built by Russia blocks and threatens the ports in Mariupol and Berdiansk


Planning for Ukraine-U.S. Sea Breeze 2018 international military drills starts in Odesa

On February 26, the main conference to plan Ukraine-U.S. Sea Breeze 2018 drills kicked off in Odesa. The goal is to finalize the plan, agree on the scenario and exercise issues, define the forces, tools and format of the drills, do reconnaissance of the areas where the drills will take place. Participants include the navies of Ukraine and the U.S., as well as Bulgaria, UK, Greece, Georgia, Denmark, Estonia, Canada, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Turkey and Sweden. The drills will involve representatives of other units from Ukraine's Armed Forces and law enforcement entities.


Danubian Principalities

Decentralisation started in Odesa Oblast almost eighteen months ago. The initiative was sometimes successful in the north, while the south has seen a fundamentally different process


The Odesa trail

Three years after the May 2 fire at the Trade Unions’ Building in Odesa, virtually all those involved have fled Ukraine. The remaining suspects have been under trial for more than two years now


Potential at land’s edge

How are Ukraine’s ports changing the way they operate and what are their future prospects?


Odesa Port Plant: Just not yet

Why the auction to sell OPP failed


"Foreign investors are alarmed by macro instability and political turbulence in Ukraine"

Head of the Ukrainian State Property Fund on the estimated value of state assets in Ukraine, performance of the privatisation plan, bidders for the Odesa Port Plant and Russian management of Ukrainian regional power companies