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Oleg Liashko

So many suspects, so little evidence

On June 14, it was a year since the last exchange of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia took place. Nothing has happened in all that time to make a swap more likely


In a narrow niche

What the self-proclaimed democratic opposition to the current government wants and can achieve


"The expectation of death is worse than death itself"

What war captives and kidnapped civilians go through in the occupied territories, and how exchange mechanisms work


The great persecution

25 Ukrainians are held in captivity by the Russians, accused of committing serious crimes. Yet international rights organizations still have not recognized them as political prisoners


Hostages of the Kremlin

President Poroshenko says there are 30 Ukrainian citizens currently being illegally held in Russia. Human rights advocates that they know about the situation with 11, most of whom the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has yet to provide with lawyers


Art Reconciliation

An attempt to whitewash Art Arsenal after censorship in the previous show