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Opposition Bloc

The art of the impossible

The opposition in Ukraine is mostly reactive and it chooses actions that will be most useful for criticizing the current Administration or gaining the attention of a specific part of the electorate. What Ukraine needs most right now is a consolidating program and a party that could present its own alternative for the country


Vote busters

What those in power and opposition are likely to do to improve their rates and mobilize the electorate


The illusion of difference

How the Russian opposition sees Ukraine


Great Russia’s tiny enemies

The place of freedom and free people in today's Russia


Storm clouds ahead for allies

Who is vying for leadership in the Poroshenko Bloc and Yatseniuk's People’s Front


New Donetskites

How generations shift in the electoral field of the former Party of Regions clans


The war of all against all

The new regular session of the Verkhovna Rada started on September 6. It looks like actors on Ukraine’s political scene, probably with the exception of Petro Poroshenko's Bloc and Arseniy Yatseniuk’s People's Front, have great expectations and ambitious plans for this fall seasons. Major oligarchs are likely to step up their game. The situation in the presidential team is not at its best either


Bouillabaisse de president

What is Petro Poroshenko's team and who are the centres of influence in it


Beneficiaries of peace initiatives

Elections in the occupied parts of Donbas will boost the strength of the Opposition Bloc in Ukrainian politics. Its strategic goal is to return Ukraine into Russia’s orbit


Petro Poroshenko Bloc: fragmentation

The presidential party's approach to forming party lists and selecting candidates for single-member constituencies has divided it into a multitude of groups and even more basically independent MPs