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Pavlo Skoropadsky

Skoropadsky and the federalist myth

Where did one of the most negative myths about Hetman Skoropadsky come from?


Kremlin Hostages: The key is not with Putin

For Ukrainians incarcerated in the occupied territories and in the Russian Federation itself, things could get much worse in 2018. Only serious international pressure is likely to make Moscow release these political prisoners


The conservative revolution of Pavlo Skoropadskiy

How the last Hetman of Ukraine came to power in 1918 and what he achieved


Year of the human

In 2017, the world will be defined by three key terms: leadership, populism and human values


Ukraine of Dignity: The moment of truth

25 years—the length of a single generation. I remember myself as a member of the generation that welcomed Independence in 1991, that made a conscious choice in favor of a free Ukraine. 25 years ago, it was important for us that there simply be a Ukraine


"We expect solidarity and commitment to Ukrainian affairs from the EU"

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister on EU and Ukraine, elections in the Donbas, the Normandy format negotiations, and Ukraine’s diplomatic relations with Russia


"The abolition of special pensions system has encountered vehement opposition"

The Minister for Social Policy spoke to The Ukrainian Week about his vision of the pension reform, de-shadowing of taxes and salaries, subsidies and assistance to IDPs and ATO veterans


Lilly, The Hetman's Daughter

Yelyzaveta Skoropadska in art, politics and charity in some of the most tragic years of Ukrainian history


19th-century Ukraine: Between Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism

Ukrainian sociopolitical movement between the mid-19th and early 20th century seemed to involve only “conscious Ukrainians”. Even then, however, forces existed which had not yet actively declared their pro-Ukrainian nature but had huge sociopolitical potential


Ukrainian State and Elites in the Early Modern Era

The Russian elite now want to restore an empire, based on historical arguments at that. These kinds of arguments once gave rise to the Russian Empire and they will, once shattered, spell an end to it