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People's Front

Head of Ukrainian ruling party pledges to support Saakashvili as candidate for deputy PM

More and more Ukrainian MPs representing the ruling party tend to support former Georgian president


Ukraine returns from occupied territories 20 Citizens within exchange

The Presidential Office states that the exchange of held persons has ended, and in its course Ukraine returned 20 citizens from the occupied territories


A thriving ruin

Despite many official pronouncements, industry in the liberated Donbas is in its death throes


The Servant of the People: Sexy CPSU

2020 local elections will be more of a challenge for the Servant of the People party than the parliamentary campaign


Dangerous liaisons?

The red lines that keep haunting Volodymyr Zelenskiy have managed to find their way into the bill on decentralization, too


Reboot, relaunch, repeat

How might the “servants of the people” take a chance and reboot governments in the regions?


Voting as a mirror image of voters

Who voted for whom, or to what extent voter preferences coincide with the results of their choices


Portrait of the Servant as a young pol

The current powers-that-be obviously reflect their voters, but wherein does the real similarity lie?


Anti-media campaign

Why the new government is trying to mess up with journalists and why direct communication with the people is a myth


Under the pressure of its weight

The only barrier to a long usurpation of power by the one-party propresident majority will be fragmentation of his faction in parliament amidst the lack of serious competition and temptations of power