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Poroshenko Bloc

Feeling good

The government has managed to keep its approval rating high. For the first time in years, many Ukrainians believe that their life has not deteriorated


Between the officious and the odious

A look at the current online strategies of the two main rivals in the 2019 presidential campaign


Digitize, digitize, let nothing new evade your eyes

How the President’s team replaces answers to uncomfortable questions


Poroshenko's car attacked near State Investigations Bureau

So-called 'titushky', the hired thugs picked a fight with the ex-President's guards, used tear gas and escaped


No U-turn is allowed

Why results of the Ukrainian presidential elections absolutely do not mean Ukrainians’ desire for a shift in foreign policy?


The poisonous recipe from Kolomoiskiy

The consequences of default for Ukraine


Georgia ex-leader Saakashvili has Ukrainian citizenship restored

Ukraine's new president has given citizenship back to former Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili almost two years after it was removed


Value and build up

Ukrainians must recognize the achievements of the last five years and not give into backsliding


Poroshenko signs law on functioning of Ukrainian as state language

The law is not applicable to the sphere of private communication and religious ceremonies


Under two presidents

How current and the next state leaders use the timeout