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Presidential Administration

Trump’s scorched earth campaign

How can Biden undo the damage?


The alternative futures

How the most anticipated presidential election can affect American foreign policy and the free world


Almost grown-up

The last electoral cycle in Ukraine ended with the total defeat of traditional politicians and parties at the national level


Catching up with reality

How might the president interpret bad news better?


Brake time?

The new administration failed, after all, to make good on a single serious reform. The seemingly minor postponement could suggest a systemic crisis of decision-making


The post-honeymoon mood

Ukrainians are not yet disappointed with the choice of the president and MPs. But some of the government’s actions no longer excite the majority


Social policy: Entrenching poverty

What kinds of social policy initiatives is the new administration preparing?


No feedback

The new administration appears to be risking turning its critics into enemies and losing public support


Between the officious and the odious

A look at the current online strategies of the two main rivals in the 2019 presidential campaign


The force of evolution

What conclusions the patriotic camp should draw from Ukraine’s presidential and parliamentary elections...