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COVID-19: An opportunity for China, a setback for Russia

What changes in the policy of the two countries can be caused by the coronavirus pandemic


Ukraine bans Kremlin-linked TV channels

Kremlin-linked Ukrainian TV channels ZIK, NewsOne, and 112 were forced off the air by sanctions on February 2. President Zelenskyy said the move was justified by the need to "fight against the danger of Russian aggression in the information arena."


The gathering autumn clouds

Perceptions of weakness drive the Kremlin’s hybrid aggression against America and Ukraine to new heights


Латвія заборонила мережу російських пропагандистських каналів

Йдеться про телеканали RT, RT HD, RT Arabic, RT Spanish, RT Documentary HD, RT Documentary, RT TV.


Ukraine in UN urges Russia to give up "logic of war" in Donbas

Ukraine has also recalled Russia must implement its obligations under the Minsk Agreements


Ukrainian police detain far-right activists for hooliganism against pro-Russia party HQ

Seventeen members of a far-right group have been detained for attacking the headquarters of Ukraine’s largest pro-Russia political party in Kyiv


The Kremlin’s lawfare targets the Bering Strait

The global outreach of Russia’s manipulation of international and domestic law


From perfidy to repression

What crimes Russia has committed during the occupation of Crimea and is still committing on the peninsula


The battle of the narratives

Western media often repeats propaganda from Russia. Why is this?


High hopes and (dis)-heartening Outcomes

Who’s to party in 2020 – the Euro-Atlantic community, Ukraine and Georgia, or Russia?