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Transparency International Ukraine

Russia jails 'disabled' Ukrainian for 6 years on terror charges

Russia on Friday (Mar 22) convicted a "disabled" Ukrainian man on terrorism charges and sentenced him to six years in prison, prompting the European Union to call for his immediate release


The nomadic state

What is unique about Ukrainian migration and how it impacts national identity


2955 Ukrainian soldiers died in Donbas during war with Russia

One Ukrainian serviceman died today in the Donbas conflict zone


Russian military hardware spotted near Ukrainian border

The convoy was spotted in Russia's Rostov region


The spirit of protest

What makes it so hard to assess the impact of the Revolution of Dignity on Ukrainian society today


“Born in the great hour”

How Yevhen Konovalets managed the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists as it turned to follow the course of Halychyna youth


EU again demands Russia free Ukrainian POW sailors

The EU demands that Russia release Ukrainian prisoners of war (POW) sailors who were attacked and captured in the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018, according to a press release prepared in connection with the imposition of sanctions against eight Russians because of these events


What’s in a campaign platform?

What are the main candidates for president proposing in their platforms and how have these changed from what they proposed five years ago


Poland calls on Russia to free Ukrainian sailors

Warsaw urges Moscow to release Ukrainian sailors imprisoned in Russia, return Ukrainian vessels and guarantee freedom of navigation in the Kerch Strait


Hiding new faces

Why Ukraine’s parties are not social lifts and will never be, so unless they change fundamentally