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Transparency International Ukraine

Don’t cross the bouys

There are limits to the possible in domestic politics and Volodymyr Zelenskiy should not stretch them


Ukraine's Zelenskiy picks TV colleagues for presidential staff

Ukraine's new president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has announced his administration - and several positions have gone to his former TV colleagues


Volodymyr Zelensky: Comedian-president calls snap election

Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky announced a snap parliamentary election during his swearing-in as Ukraine's new president


Brian Whitmore: “Putin wants to party like it is 1815”

During the 12th Kyiv Security Forum The Ukrainian Week met with the American publicist and researcher of Russian policy, Brian Whitmore, to discuss the future steps of Moscow in Ukraine and in the world, as well as details of the Kremlin's strategy for the West


Zelenskiy’s “We”

Volodymyr Zelenskiy won the election but he’s still being mysterious about his team, promising “new faces.” This is nothing new in Ukraine’s history, and new hasn’t always meant better


Under two presidents

How current and the next state leaders use the timeout


Rudy Giuliani cancels Ukraine trip amid criticism

The president’s lawyer wants Ukrainian officials to investigate a call Joe Biden made about corruption


Rudy Giuliani Plans Ukraine Trip to Push for Inquiries That Could Help Trump

Rudolph W. Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, plans to travel to Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, in coming days


Persuasive economy vs uncertain policy

What’s making the hryvnia stronger and what’s likely to happen further on


Ukraine embassy says DNC operative reached out for information on Trump campaign in 2016

Ukraine's embassy wrote that a Democratic National Committee (DNC) insider reached out in 2016 seeking dirt on President Trump's campaign