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Transparency International Ukraine

Twilight of the oligarchs

Ukraine’s oligarchs are slowly but surely losing their economic clout


NASA preparing for launch of Ukrainian produced Antares rocket to the International Space Station

The next launch of the Antares middle-class launch vehicle is scheduled for Nov. 15.


A reform that ruined the Soviet Union

Why the bomb laid under the foundation of the USSR exploded


Kyiv court frees ex-CEO of Ukrainian agro holding

Mykola Guta was released on his personal recognizance


Ukraine activist Kateryna Handzyuk dies after acid attack

A prominent Ukrainian anti-corruption activist has died, three months after she was injured in an acid attack


System recovered. Now back it up

Economic growth in most oblasts has reached pre-war levels or even passed them. What prospects does Ukraine face now?


Populist panic

Do we see an understanding of the Russian threat in the European Union?


Russia announces sanctions against senior Ukraine figures

Moscow move affecting 322 people comes after Ukraine targeted Russian officials and businesses earlier this year


Death or evolution?

Ukraine seems to be following European trends as its rural areas go through changes. Can and should anything be done about it?


Flow of Ukrainian workforce to Poland decreasing

According to official data, the number of Ukrainian workers in Poland was down by 7 percent over the past three years