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Transparency International Ukraine

67% of Ukrainian voters would back NATO membership

Two-thirds of Ukrainians who would take part in a referendum on their country joining NATO would vote in favour of the move, according to a poll


Michael Street: “NATO looks at improving how defense forces from different nations can work together better”

NATO Communications and Information Agency Innovation Manager on NATO Hackathons and the features of the first Ukrainian defense hackathon


Another Russian fake: FSB reports foiling Ukraine-Islamic State assassination plot

Russia’s security services claimed to have disrupted an Islamic State member’s plot to assassinate an east Ukrainian rebel fighter on orders from Ukraine’s security apparatus


The chaos begins

What to expect in the new parliamentary season


About 28,000 Hasidic pilgrims arrived in Ukraine's Uman for the celebration of the Jewish New Year

This year, the holiday of Rosh Hashanah, or the Jewish New Year, is celebrated September 9-11


Ukraine requests to buy Patriot missiles

Washington has been expanding defense deals with Kyiv amid increased threats from Russia, but the cooperation may increasingly go both ways


Ukrainian officer has disclosed the number of enemy losses in Donbas throughout 2018

Russian propaganda systemically lowers the number of officially recognized casualties on the part of Russian occupation forces in eastern Ukraine's warzone


Ukraine-NATO Rapid Trident 2018 drills begin in Lviv

Taking part are about 2,200 troops from 14 countries, including the United States and nine other NATO member states. The maneuvers are scheduled to continue until September 15.


Elections and the Great Terror

How Soviet citizens ended up voting unanimously in elections


Independence Day military parade in Kyiv

Kyiv hosted a military parade on the 27th anniversary of Ukraine's independence on August 24. Some 4,500 soldiers, 250 military vehicles, and 18 units comprised of 300 foreign troops took part in the parade, which also featured women who are in Ukraine's military forces.