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Transparency International Ukraine

Gerard Elzinga: “Ukraine is one of the nations, where we are sharing the most of our information with”

During the 2nd Ukrainian Defense Hackathon The Ukrainian Week talked to the Head of Spectrum and C3 Infrastructure Branch at NATO Headquarters C3 Staff on the results of the competition, the details of the main projects of the Alliance for Ukraine and prospects of cooperation with the Ukrainian security and defense sector.


Russian spy exposed in Lviv region

The man, who is now being charged with treason, has been cooperating with a Russian intelligence official operating under the diplomatic cover


Kurt Volker: “Russia is running a military operation in the Donbas”

The Ukrainian Week talked with U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations on prospects for the release of Ukrainian prisoners, the specifics of negotiations with the Russia and options for resolving the conflict in the Donbas


To help Russia keep the ORDiLO?

What the new government’s initiatives to lift the blockade from the occupied Donbas actually mean


Four Ukrainian soldiers killed in clashes with Russia-backed separatists

Kyiv says four Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives in the latest clashes with Russia-backed separatists in the country's east


Defeating ourselves

How Ukraine has played soft with Russia in preparing for a gas clash next year


Art of prioritization

Why it is dangerous to neglect the topic of war and what the mission of the media community should be


U.S. urges Russia to release imprisoned Ukrainian sailors

The U.S. called on Russia to release jailed Ukrainian sailors and enable a prisoner exchange, U.S. State Department Special Representative Kurt Volker told reporters in Kyiv


System cacophony

How the branches of power live and interact after the presidential election


Russia-led militants fire shells at Ukrainian army positions near Luhanske on Tuesday morning

The press center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported