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Transparency International Ukraine

Ukraine police: 15 officers injured in clash with far-right

A clash was with far-right demonstrators who disrupted a campaign appearance of President Petro Poroshenko


Former leader of "DPR election commission" surrenders to Ukraine

He is seen as a valuable witness under the program launched by the Security Service of Ukraine titled 'Someone's Waiting for You Back Home"


The forging of unity

How the idea of Ukraine crossed imperial borders from East to West


Poroshenko proposes new anti-graft bill after court annuls 2015 Law

Ukrainian President has proposed fresh legislation to fight corruption, a move that raised concerns the country is backtracking in the battle against corruption


Ukrainian military tests modernized Spectator-M1 UAV

The conditions of test flights of the Spectator-M1 were close to the combat ones


Trade in a time of war

How true is it that trade with Russia is on the rise again and that is causing this?


Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky leads polls in Ukraine's presidential race

The political novice's popularity with voters has left pundits scratching their heads — and some critics fearing he's biting off more than he can chew


“Can’t get no satisfaction...”

Why Ukrainians think the situation in their country is worse than it really is and what can be done about this


Marie Lequin: “It is a war, and in war there are always violations of the laws”

The Ukrainian Week talked with a representative of the Swiss humanitarian organization Geneva Call on the contemporary conflicts, the features of the search for justice and the application of international humanitarian law in an armed conflict


India interested in Ukrainian An-132 aircraft

Ukraine and India discussed the promotion of the newest Ukrainian An-132 aircraft to the Indian market, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has reported