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Transparency International Ukraine

The spin-doctor headache

Undecided voters are a tasty morsel for parties that are not in the Verkhovna Rada, yet none of these parties has much of a chance of winning them over in significant numbers


Shades of the Fourth Republic

What threats face Ukraine if a fragmented Verkhovna Rada is elected that does not represent the interests of the majority of Ukrainians?


March 8 rally for women's rights in Kyiv

Different human rights and feminist organizations marched on the International Women's Day under the slogan "Enough patience". The rally gathered nearly 1,000 participants who walked in downtown Kyiv with posters and feminist slogans protesting violence against women and advocating the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, unfair pay and other forms of discrimination. A small group of women had a counterrally with anti-feminist slogans at Mykhailivska Square


The General vs the Admiral

Could Ukraine’s armed forces have prevailed in Crimea?


“Member-states that feel direct threat clash with those believing that things will get settled somehow”

Head of Ukraine’s Mission to NATO on the prospects of NATO expansion, Ukraine’s plans on defense reform, and the impact of politics on security considerations within the Alliance


National security overhauled

What’s new for Ukraine’s defense and security institutions in the President’s national security draft law?


A process of no progress

An update from the occupied parts of the Donbas: monuments to Russian volunteers, shutdown of mobile connection, new arrests of ministers


Недостатній рух уперед

Нещодавно міжнародні організації опублікували відразу два рейтинги країн за ознаками поширення корупції та доступу до правосуддя. Які місця посідає Україна, чи відбувається прогрес у цих сферах і що на це впливає


The genesis of Ukrainian conservatism

What shaped the aristocratic tradition in politics between the Cossack period and the liberation struggle in 1917-1920


A stray cat adoption center opens in Kyiv

Founded by the Koto-Yarmarok volunteer charity fund, the Center for Adoption of Cats opened at the animal clinic at 39, Dmytrivska St. in Kyiv in December. Rescued from the streets and treated by vets, the cats are waiting to go their new homes