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Ukraine's independence

Decolonizing the minds

Why sympathy with Russia is a threat for Ukraine and how it can be diminished


Ukraine reverses nationalization of tycoon’s bank

A Ukrainian court on Thursday ruled that the 2016 nationalization of a major bank owned by a tycoon was illegal, sending shockwaves through the country’s financial community


SBU captures Russian-controlled terrorist group plotting hit jobs on Ukrainian politicians, security operatives

Several autonomous subversive and terrorist units have been deployed in Ukraine from the Russian Federation and the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic" since the beginning of 2017


Grimaces of show politics

Why the development of political marketing can make democracy in Ukraine a threat to national security


Police shoot into vehicle after it crashes into Ukrainian Ambassador's car outside London embassy

Armed police opened fire on a car as it was driven at them having just "deliberately rammed" the Ukrainian ambassador's official vehicle in London on Saturday morning


Ukrainian comedian gets serious with investors in bid for presidency

In a popular TV series, a fictional Ukrainian president gets so drunk at a dinner with the head of the International Monetary Fund that he throws her into a swimming pool


Ukrainian business begins to see benefits of EU association agreement

The Ukrainian economy is successfully integrating with the European Union, just one of many positive aspects of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which came into effect in September 2017 and is now offering real result


Ukraine develops cruise missiles with range of over 1,000 km

Ukrainian military can now destroy any enemy ship within a radius of 300 kilometers


Essence and specificity of the Russian-Soviet power

What system they are trying to restore in Russia today


OSCE cut critical remark about Russia from Ukraine vote statement

The European Parliament has accused the Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE) of whitewashing a press release about the Ukrainian presidential election by watering down critical wording about Russia