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Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukrainian president calls on parliament to disband constitutional court

Zelensky seeks to re-establish court that recently neutered powers of anti-corruption body


27 жовтня відбудеться українсько-ізраїльський інноваційний саміт

Захід присвячений вивченню викликів та можливостей, створених кризою, виявленню проривних технологій та створенню міжнародного доступу до інновацій для боротьби з пандемією.


Ukraine to provide new evidence on Ilovaisk tragedy to the Hague

Ukraine also cites facts that may indicate the control of the aggressor country over the occupied territory


Russian-controlled forces breach truce in Donbas, Ukrainian soldier killed

The ceasefire regime had lasted for 42 days


Rada approves state guarantees for loans for businesses for UAH 5 billion

Totally, 268 Members of Parliament voted for the adoption of bill No. 3659-d as a whole, with the minimum required 226


485 people sick with coronavirus at armed forces, 42 new cases registered on August 19

Press service of the Medical Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has written this on Facebook


Over 18,100 members of Ukraine's Armed Forces trained by UK's Operation ORBITAL

All trainings are of a defensive nature


Compensation for Ukrainian plane will be based on international regulations

Iran’s ambassador to Ukraine has said that compensation for the Ukrainian plane which was downed mistakenly near Tehran in January 2020 will be based on international regulations


Over 64% believe Ukrainian language should be only national in country

This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted jointly by the Socis Center and the Razumkov Center


Volume of gas stocked in Ukrainian storage facilities exceeds last year's record

By start of the withdrawal season, Ukrainian USFs will be filled by about 85%