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United Kingdom

UK pledges continued support for Ukraine's independence and territorial integrity

The United Kingdom supports the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will continue to do so in the future


Mutually beneficial precedent

What is the significance of the strategic partnership agreement between Ukraine and the United Kingdom?


Melinda Simmons: "Although we left the EU, the values, on which we base our relationship with Ukraine, remain the same"

The Ukrainian Week has discussed the newest strategic agreement between Kyiv and London, bilateral partnership, and trade perspectives with Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Ukraine


Dealing with the waves

How the UK government plans to address the issue of migrants


Over 18,100 members of Ukraine's Armed Forces trained by UK's Operation ORBITAL

All trainings are of a defensive nature


Fresh blood

New finance minister Rishi Sunak as competitor of the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson?


Ben Hodges: "If Kremlin will move, there would be massive cyberattacks against Ukraine to disrupt communications, command, and control infrastructure"

The Ukrainian Week met with General (ret.) Ben Hodges, former commander of United States Army Europe, now a Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) to discuss possible Russian attack on Ukraine, Western answer on such actions, and the problems of the Black Sea region


Between COVID-19 and Brexit

How the pandemic undermines confidence in the UK government


Ukraine in UN urges Russia to give up "logic of war" in Donbas

Ukraine has also recalled Russia must implement its obligations under the Minsk Agreements


After-Brexit life

What has changed in the United Kingdom since leaving the EU