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Verkhovna Rada

Under two presidents

How current and the next state leaders use the timeout


Ukrainian lawmakers on Wednesday consider about 160 more amendments to language bill

The plenary session on Wednesday was over after consideration of amendment No. 821


Uncertainty mode

What will be the impact of Ukrainian elections on the parliament?


Parliamentary chronicles

A look at how voter attitudes have shifted over the years and how the Verkhovna Rada has been shaped since independence


The chaos begins

What to expect in the new parliamentary season


In a number of words

The annual speech of the President outlines accomplishments and failures. Over the course of modern Ukrainian history, the addresses have painted the image of the country’s every leader and his era in politics


Third time’s a charm

President Poroshenko's state of the nation address to the Rada


"E-declarations should seriously kill the desire to run for the Rada in many folks"

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada on the main contradictions and temptations of Ukrainian politics, the major ideological camps in the legislature, the war, lobbying, and geopolitics


The apple of temptation

In 2017, Ukraine will be a major test of conscience that will force democratic countries to an uneasy choice among values


"Minsk is an attempt to escape from reality"

Verkhovna Rada Vice-Speaker on re-balancing power in Ukraine, the effect of the Minsk process, and occupied territories