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Verkhovna Rada

Broken Democracy on the Frontline

Unhappy, poorly dressed people, mostly elderly, trudged to the polls to cast their votes for one of the richest people in the Donetsk region


Back to Black?

The parliamentary election may bring only few “new faces” to parliament


The Communist Party May Be on Its Last Legs, But Social Populism is Still Alive

The electoral fiasco of the Communist Party in Ukraine does not mean less demand for social populism. It only brings to the political arena new players that are better fits for the new structure of Ukrainian society


Have No Illusions

With the old election law in place, the parliamentary campaign cannot radically upgrade the Verkhovna Rada now. Still, it will make it more adequate to the challenges faced by the state


tReasonable Doubts

The Parliament inherited from Yanukovych holds an imminent threat to Ukraine, yet the breakup of pro-European coalition is potentially as dangerous


Party of Regions and Communists relocate for an alternative parliamentary session

Party of Regions’ and Communist Party MPs, as well as independent MPs, the total of 244, have voted to hold the parliamentary session at an alternative location, 6/8 Bankova Street, rather than the current parliament building at Hrushevskoho Street.


A Failing Strategy

Is the Vlasenko case a mechanism of pressure against disloyal MPs or an element of geopolitical provocation?


Game of Endurance

The Party of Regions` attempts to intimidate the opposition with early elections or responsibility for the breakdown of European integration have not given the desired result so far, so an escalation of resistance can be expected in the near future


Face Control

When yet another acquaintance of mine asked me, for the fourth time this week, why I am not running for a seat in parliament, I had to stop and think. Is the career of a politician so attractive in the view of so many people that it is worth abandoning your profession (which you may happen to love), competence, previously acquired practical experience, an established mode of life and, finally, your circle of friends? (The milieu of which inevitably changes in the upper stratosphere.)


You Scratch My Back, and I’ll Scratch Yours

The last session of the present parliament could prove most unpredictable