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Thuringia Three: the Land of Germany’s Non-Bavarian Traditions

Tucked away from the large industrial districts of Berlin with its suburbs, the cities of Thuringia have a unique identity


A Border Town

The reincarnation of the hetman city


Tanks and Toys

To set up the Yavoriv military training ground, 128 villages and hamlets were removed, but one indigenous craft has survived


The Whisper of the Carpathians

The Shypit waterfall and surrounding villages lure thousands of tourists from Europe and Asia


Vasylkiv: Ancient Fortifications And Modern Jet Fighters

Steeped in history, this Kyiv satellite city is an emerging business center


Nine Steps up Mount Hoverla

A report with directions: climbing Ukraine’s highest mountain


Under the Griffin’s Wing

Crowds of tourists do not take away from the beauty of the landscapes in ancient Panticapaeum — now know as Kerch. The city treats guests — no matter where they come from — without excessive Crimean arrogance


Berestechko: A Place Of Power

National wounds are healing in this battlefield


Solomia’s Solo

Ternopil is a city of contrasts: a Stepan Bandera monument and the Soviet-looking bedroom district called BAM, seedy cafés and European-style fountains