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Visiting Bohdan Khmelnytsky

Chyhyryn and Subotiv aspire to use Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s heritage and become major tourist attractions


Camille Magnard: “Kryvorizhstal Is a Reflection of Contemporary Ukraine”

The French journalist Camille Magnard speaks about why the ex-CEO of Kryvorizhstal failed to stand the test of Ukrainian reality Camille Magnard’s report about Kryvorizhstal entitled “Arcelor Mittal tested by Ukrainian steel” and broadcast by Radio France Internationale on 2 March 2010, won the Louise Weiss Prize, an annual award from the Francophone section of the Association of European Journalists


Names notwithstanding

The city of Chortkiv balances its spooky name with a host of churches and a peaceful atmosphere


Busting Stereotypes

Mark Spörrle, an editor with Die Zeit and author of several bestsellers, is taking down notes that can demolish European prejudices about various countries. In Kyiv, he got rid of some, but not all, stereotypical notions about Ukraine


7 Facts About Kolomyia

Demonstrating their naïve, yet distinctly European mindset, the locals in Kolomiya call their town a small Lviv just like somebody calls Lviv little Vienna or little Paris. Ukrainian Week travelled to visit them in what is one of the brightest towns in Prykarpattia.


Industrial megavillage

Giant metallurgical plants, shanty towns and the "metrotram" — meet Kryvyi Rih


Ten Donetsk Stereotypes

The Ukrainian Week went on a myth-busting trip to Donetsk. We debunked seven common myths, but found another three were true


Cinnamony Drohobych

In this Western Ukrainian city, visitors can enjoy beautiful medieval and Art Nouveau architecture without the crowds and clamor


Noble Walls

One third of the hundred castles preserved in Ukraine can be found in Ternopil


Where Transcarpathia Begins

Archeologists from Uzhhorod refute a myth about the Hungarian state-building enterprise