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The Highest Heights of Lviv

The Ukrainian Week visits places where tourists have yet to set foot


Oligarchs Under the Tuscan Sun

Post-Soviet millionaires are keeping Italian resorts afloat during the financial crisis. They are also changing the traditional atmosphere beyond recognition as skyrocketing prices encourage the locals to sell their property and leave


A Village for Fish

The submerged village of Bakota in the Podil Tovtry National Park hides historic secrets underwater


A Land of Chocolate and Palaces

The Ukrainian Week travels to Sumy Oblast in search of knights, nymphs and the inspiration for Tchaikovsky’s The Storm


Things to do in August: Travel Tips for Visitors

The Ukrainian Week offers a selection of events not to miss in Ukraine in August


2013 Festival Season

Electronic music in Poland, hard rock in Ukraine, music and theatre laboratories at the Hungarian Sziget, and history, from the Paleolithic Age to Post-Modernism, in art


The Donbas of Halychyna

A town of two names and two worlds


Hopelessly Romantic

A walk through the symbols, dreams and melancholy of Sokyryntsi-Trostianets


Defenceless Fortresses

Home to abundant vegetation and ghosts in military uniforms, the half-ruined walls of now little-known and neglected forts - unique pieces of defence architecture - once withstood the attacks of Cossacks and Tatars