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10 Carpathian Water Attractions

The Ukrainian Week dives into the watery wonders of the Ukrainian mountains


Besieged by the Past

The Ukrainian Week peacefully “invades” the town of Zbarazh


Borzhava: Beautiful and Treacherous

The gorges dividing the largest highland pastures of the Ukrainian Carpathians hide untold secrets


Transcarpathia in Miniature

The village of Kolochava is trying to fight chronic labour migration through tourism


The Earth’s “Star Scars”

Impact events have greatly changed our planet, including the territory of contemporary Ukraine


Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Kharkiv Oblast

Tourist attractions in Kharkiv Oblast worth seeing, regardless of the season or the weather


The Angels and Demons of the Demerdzhi Mountain Range

Heavenly forces don’t take the easy way. In order to roll a rock from the sea up to the top of a mountain, they can first level the mountain, chisel its fragments with the tide, dry the sea and raise a new mountain range from the depths of the sea.


Back to the Village

The world love for all things ethnic has reached Ukraine. As a result, the number of open air folk museums – skansens - is growing along with the interest in them


In the Footsteps of Fallen Heroes

The Ukrainian Week takes a drive to explore places where significant military campaigns had taken place


Mission: Discover Polissia

Thrill seekers head to Zhytomyr and Rivne forests – a terra incognita for most Ukrainians