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Deep Into the Past

The national reserve for history and the arts has undergone some major changes over the past six years


Top 10 Mystical Spots in Ukraine

Ukraine is home to many places steeped in myth and legend. Some are ancient, others new. The Ukrainian Week highlights 10 mystical spots on the map of Ukraine


10 Wonders of the Chernihiv Region

Chernihiv Oblast abounds in historical, architectural, ritual and art sites


Smila: a Hill, a Lost golden Treasure and a Phantom Maiden

This provincial center is replete with curious fables above and a mysterious labyrinth below


Give It Away

Ukrainians “prepay” coffee and “liberate” books


Cities of the Future

Culture and creativeness are the key factors in city development


The Portraits of Ukrainian Cities

Shaped by its diverse history, urban Ukraine resembles an impressionistic painting - blurry at a close look, yet unique and vibrant from a more distant perspective


For Every Thirst, a Beer

The leader of folk rock band Haydamaky tours Ukraine mapping breweries that produce unpasteurized “live beer”*


Putting a Premium On Culture

Wrocław Vice President Jaroslaw Obremski: “Citizens’ creativity is a value to the city”