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Ukrainian art: Home at last

What “unofficial” Ukrainian art was like during the era of socialist realism


Telnyuk Sisters: “It won’t be easy, but we should always see light at the end of the tunnel”

The Ukrainian Week spoke to Halyna and Lesya Telnyuk about how contemporary Shevchenko and Stus are today, the artistic comprehension of the Maidan, and the lessons of the Revolution of Dignity


The heirs of Kapitoshka

Ups and downs of modern Ukrainian animation


More alive than dead

How Ukrainian cinema faces modern challenges


The main character of abstract art

Modern non-figurative Ukrainian painting is well-known abroad, but underrated at home


Ukrainian Banda ad agency named best in 2018 by Red Dot Award

Ukrainian advertising agency Banda is the agency of the year, according to the prestigious Red Dot design award


Yuriy Andrukhovych: “I don’t like banality, so I don’t meet the readers’ expectations”

On September 17, Yuriy Andrukhovych visited Kyiv to present Lithography, his new album with the band Karbido, at the Ukrainian Radio’s Recording Studio. Before that, The Ukrainian Week spoke to him about investments in culture, the new generation of writers and Ukraine’s place in the literature map of the world.


Ukrainian Avant-garde forever

When Ukraine is asked today, what it can give to Europe, it doesn’t have to go far: it had once given Ukrainian avant-garde to the world. The task today is to win it back from being associated with the Russian culture by clearly identifying where it actually comes from.


The Democracy of Theatre

Is there a place for pluralism and tolerance on Ukrainian stages?