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The main character of abstract art

Modern non-figurative Ukrainian painting is well-known abroad, but underrated at home


Ukrainian Avant-garde forever

When Ukraine is asked today, what it can give to Europe, it doesn’t have to go far: it had once given Ukrainian avant-garde to the world. The task today is to win it back from being associated with the Russian culture by clearly identifying where it actually comes from.


Tatlin: Materials as art

Volodymyr Tatlin and his place in the Malevich’s circle in Kyiv


The champion of Avant-Garde

The life and inspiration of Oleksandra Ekster


The rise and fall of Avant-garde

The 1920s’ Avant-garde school of artists was ultimately destroyed as class enemies—for hooliganism and pornography


Calendar of Events: Twenty Shades of Youth

Contemporary art from young Ukrainians and a history of escape from the 20th-century avant-garde Odesa-based painters