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bank system

Ukrainian Central Bank Chief resigns

The governor of Ukraine's central bank, Yakiv Smoliy, says he is resigning because of “systematic political pressure that denied fulfillment” of his duties


EBRD expecting Ukraine’s GDP to go down by 4.5% in 2020

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is expecting the gross domestic product of Ukraine to fall by 4.5% in 2020


The danger of “cheap gas”

The temporary dip in the price of natural gas on the European market is not a reason for Ukraine to stop expanding domestic extraction


Fitch worsens outlook for Ukrainian banks over Coronavirus

The agency has said this in a statement


Down from the peaks

Something’s cutting down the profits of Ukrainian banks. What risks does the banking system face today?


Ukrainian justice system staffer busted mining crypto at work

An employee of the Ukrainian State Justice Administration has been charged with mining cryptocurrency at work, in the latest example of a government staffer exploiting public resources for personal gain


Деталі співпраці УЗ та Deutsche Bahn визначать у лютому

Раніше під час Давоського економічного форуму Мінінфраструктури підписало Меморандум про взаєморозуміння з німецькою компанією.


Russia and Ukraine agree to gas transit deal

Russian and Ukrainian representatives have met in Berlin for "very intense negotiations" on the current 10-year gas agreement due to expire in two weeks. However, the terms of the deal are not yet clear


RWE starts working with Ukrainian gas pipeline, storage operator

RWE starts working with Ukrainian gas pipeline, storage operator


Defeating ourselves

How Ukraine has played soft with Russia in preparing for a gas clash next year