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banks in Ukraine

Ben Hodges: "If Kremlin will move, there would be massive cyberattacks against Ukraine to disrupt communications, command, and control infrastructure"

The Ukrainian Week met with General (ret.) Ben Hodges, former commander of United States Army Europe, now a Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA) to discuss possible Russian attack on Ukraine, Western answer on such actions, and the problems of the Black Sea region


Ukrainian resorts see 30% growth as coronavirus crisis boosts domestic tourism

With European Union destinations still off-limits for Ukrainian tourists, the country’s own Black Sea and Azov Sea resorts are experiencing an early summer boom as Ukrainians seek out holiday options closer to home


Ukraine's Navy preparing for Russia's attempts to break through from Crimea to Kherson region

Thus, Russians will try to let water from the Dnipro flow into the North Crimean Canal


Ukrainian Central Bank Chief resigns

The governor of Ukraine's central bank, Yakiv Smoliy, says he is resigning because of “systematic political pressure that denied fulfillment” of his duties


Halfway to Europe

Gains and losses from the institution of a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU


Former Ukrainian president says Biden never pressed him on Burisma

“My absolutely clear answer: no, never,” Petro Poroshenko told CNN.


Why fears of Hungarian separatism are stirring in western Ukraine

Critics of the Ukrainian government accuse it of capitulating to blackmail from neighbouring Hungary


There’s a big “diff”...

Putin has forced Ukrainians to make a choice. Will they finally take a stand?


Can post-pandemic Ukraine prevent another exodus?

As Ukraine progresses through its five phases of relaxing national quarantine measures, the country’s next step will be to address the economic disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis


Ukraine in UN urges Russia to give up "logic of war" in Donbas

Ukraine has also recalled Russia must implement its obligations under the Minsk Agreements