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Can post-pandemic Ukraine prevent another exodus?

As Ukraine progresses through its five phases of relaxing national quarantine measures, the country’s next step will be to address the economic disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis


Ukrainian workers struggle to reach the EU amid coronavirus restrictions

While EU countries negotiate with Ukraine about special flights for seasonal workers, some people are coming to the bloc on their own, despite coronavirus restrictions. But they face many obstacles on the way


Ukraine preparing for second wave of coronavirus – health ministry

Preparation activities are being concentrated in Chernivtsi region where most coronavirus cases are recorded today


Ukraine reports 18 COVID-19 cases in its armed forces as of April 12

Some 180 servicemen are being kept in isolation


Показник захворюваності COVID-19 в Україні становить 6% - головний санлікар

Водночас показник летальності становить 2,9%


Ukraine on verge of coronavirus peak

Minister claims Ukraine is facing the peak of COVID-19 spread


Ukraine adds political drama to coronavirus crisis

(Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov pictured in Kyiv on April 4, 2020)


Ukrainian pharmacies ask government to help unblock import of substances

To help unblock the supply of imported substances for production of medicines at domestic pharmaceutical plants


Ukraine's Cabinet lists new quarantine measures

Coronavirus cases are expected to peak over Easter


Ukraine's confirmed coronavirus cases increase to 418 on March 29

It's a rise from the 311 cases reported early on March 28