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culture in Ukraine

Ahead of public testimony, Bill Taylor reaffirms US support for Ukraine

The top US diplomat in Ukraine, penned an op-ed in a Ukrainian news magazine this week emphasizing the United States' "committed partnership and support" to the country


The IMF test

The troubles of the new government with the IMF signal that oligarchic actors prevail over national interests in its actions


In Poland, Ukrainian Donbas war Veteran faces extradition to Russia

A court hearing in Poland on whether to extradite a Ukrainian veteran of the ongoing Donbas conflict and member of a Ukrainian nationalist group is expected to begin by Nov. 12


Before it’s too late

How to prevent surrender


The new multivectoral economy

What export markets are different oblasts focused on and what might the impact be, both on the regions and on the country?


Impeachment inquiry: Trump used Ukraine aid as leverage

A senior US diplomat has testified that the Trump administration threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless it agreed to investigate Mr Trump's leading US presidential rival


Tertium non datur

The key stages of Ukraine’s independence, important lessons and agenda for the current government


America’s fast-depreciating handshake

On Trump’s transactional approach to politics


Finland to make additional contribution to humanitarian demining in Donbas

The foreign minister expressed strong support for Ukraine in finding a solution to the military conflict through the Minsk agreements


Following a foreign script

In international relations, Ukraine keeps reacting to foreign initiatives rather than coming up with its own