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cyber security

National security overhauled

What’s new for Ukraine’s defense and security institutions in the President’s national security draft law?


From saving to prosperity

How energy efficiency helps energy security and saves for the future


Andriy Parubiy: “New elections are a key mechanism to destabilize the country"

First Vice-Speaker, ex-Secretary of the National Secrutiy and Defense Council, and one of the leaders on the Maidan on events from two years ago and their significance today, Russia’s scenarios to destabilize Ukraine, and what security looks like now


"The main thing is to ensure the Ukrainian issue is heard regularly at the UN Security Council"

Ex-Envoy to UN on Ukraine's priorities as non-permanent member of the Security Council


“What we are witnessing is inaction aimed at preserving the old criminal schemes rather than revanche”

Ex-SBU Chief Valentyn Nalyvaichenko on who hampers the investigation of high-profile crimes, why lustration failed and what corrupt high-ranking Ukrainian officials fear and resist


Who Are You, Mr. Hrytsak?

Whose interests will guide the new SBU chief


When the Rules Are Broken

François Heisbourg and Judy Dempsey comment on the leadership of the USA and Germany in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, delivery of weapons to Ukraine and the new world order


Andriy Levus: “A successful post-revolutionary Ukraine would be the collapse of the Russian project”

The Ukrainian Week spoke to the former deputy chief of the Security Service of Ukraine and current MP about Ukrainian partisans in the Donbas, sabotage in Russia, reforms in the SBU and who it worked for prior to the Maidan.


Damon Wilson: “Permanent neutrality and “Finland status” are bad ideas for Ukraine’s own interests”

The Ukrainian Week talked to Damon Wilson, executive vice-president of The Atlantic Council, about the establishment of the pro-Ukrainian community in the world, the US-Russia relations after the annexation of Crimea, the new Ukrainian military and the likelihood of NATO MAP for Ukraine


Ukraine requests urgent UN Security Council meeting

Ukrainian authorities have requested the UN to call the Security Council meeting on the situation in Ukraine, Premier Arseniy Yatseniuk says