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cyber security

Presidential Administration official says terrorist attacks could take place on May 9

Andriy Senchenko, Acting Chief of Staff, suggested that terrorist attacks could take place on May 9 after the closed meeting of the National Security and Defence Council with chiefs of security authorities on May 6


Lamberto Zannier: “Ukraine must protect itself. It should not become a victim of the clash of the EU and Eurasian Union policies. Therefore, a strong internal dialogue is important”

OSCE Secretary General talks to The Ukrainian Week about OSCE mission for the presidential election, the way the current crisis is changing the role of international organizations including the OSCE in the world, and about circumstances that would force it to revise its current toolbox


A Ukrainian Foreign Legion

Does Ukraine need mercenaries in its army


A Volunteer Army: Beyond Alliances and Quality Standards

The new military reform entails a transfer to a volunteer professional army in 2014 and a significant reduction in military personnel. In reality, it seems to be nothing more than an attempt to save money


More Harm Than Good?

Russia may use the Snowden case in the secret intelligence war against Washington and further attacks on its own genuine whistleblowers


Transatlantic Spying: the Snowden Case

Edward Snowden’s revelation of covert information collection operations by the US intelligence has sown deep suspicion between Washington and its European allies


Lessons Learned From the Snowden Scandal

On June 6, Edward Snowden leaked information about PRISM, a federal programme used by NSA to monitor computers and telecommunication networks globally. To defend the NSA, President Obama spoke of a balance between privacy and security and the compromise this takes


The Economist Intelligence Unit: Ukraine ranks 47 in the Global Food Security Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit estimates food availability, affordability, quality and safety in 107 countries worldwide. Ukraine lands in the middle


Where Has the American Leader Gone?

Current U.S.’s politics of non-interventionism can severely undermine the credibility of the West


Will Ukraine’s Security Service Ever Become Ukrainian?

The future adequate Ukrainian government will have to create powerful national security services, otherwise Ukraine’s sovereignty will always be at risk. So far, the SBU is run by people whose biographies, earlier careers and views are connected to one foreign state that has never accepted Ukraine’s independence.