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failed state

Wildfires near Chernobyl under control, Ukrainian authorities say

There is no more "open fire" but some grass and brush is still smoldering, said the State Emergency Service of Ukraine


Ukrainian startups vie for $18 million in state grants

Reflecting President Volodymyr Zelensky’s claim that Ukraine is “the most attractive startup in the world,” the government embarked on a new $18 million funding program for Ukrainian tech entrepreneurs


To instigate chaos

Who is alleged mastermind of the efforts to shake up the situation in the country and why it has become possible?


Poroshenko's car attacked near State Investigations Bureau

So-called 'titushky', the hired thugs picked a fight with the ex-President's guards, used tear gas and escaped


Ukrainian border guards detain Donbas militant at Crimea de-facto border

The detainee was charged with terrorism


U.S. Defense Department asks $250 mln for Ukrainian military in FY 2020 budget request

The money will be also allocated for replacement of any weapons or defensive articles provided to the Ukrainian government from the inventory of the United States


“Can’t get no satisfaction...”

Why Ukrainians think the situation in their country is worse than it really is and what can be done about this


Ukrainian businessman suspected of stealing millions knows Israel can't catch him

Alexander Granovsky fled Israel before being indicted, and may never face the consequences of his sophisticated alleged crime


Guarding the сompetition

Which state monopolies it is important to maintain in the future and why


Another Russian fake: FSB reports foiling Ukraine-Islamic State assassination plot

Russia’s security services claimed to have disrupted an Islamic State member’s plot to assassinate an east Ukrainian rebel fighter on orders from Ukraine’s security apparatus