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failed state

In a number of words

The annual speech of the President outlines accomplishments and failures. Over the course of modern Ukrainian history, the addresses have painted the image of the country’s every leader and his era in politics


Third time’s a charm

President Poroshenko's state of the nation address to the Rada


"Foreign investors are alarmed by macro instability and political turbulence in Ukraine"

Head of the Ukrainian State Property Fund on the estimated value of state assets in Ukraine, performance of the privatisation plan, bidders for the Odesa Port Plant and Russian management of Ukrainian regional power companies


Big Sale Coming Up

The government plans to reform the system of public property management and launch a wide scale sell-off. Are Ukraine’s economy and society ready?


The Independence Imperative

When Ukraine declared independence on August 24, 1991, it not only meant the revival of the Ukrainian state—it was the decisive event in the collapse of the totalitarian soviet empire


Budget Code Amendments: In-Depth Reform or a Mere Facelift?

The benefits and concerns of the budget reform


Ukrainian State and Elites in the Early Modern Era

The Russian elite now want to restore an empire, based on historical arguments at that. These kinds of arguments once gave rise to the Russian Empire and they will, once shattered, spell an end to it


Mafia State

Luke Harding is an award-winning foreign correspondent with the Guardian and author of a new book Mafia State: How one reporter became an enemy of the brutal new Russia. A former Moscow correspondent, he is currently based at The Guardian's office in London. In the conversation with The Ukrainian Week, Luke Harding explains why Russia is a “Mafia state” in his opinion and why Ukraine is in real danger of becoming one


Global AgeWatch Index: Old people in Ukraine live better than in Russia, but worse than in Vietnam.

Sweden is the best country for the elderly and Ukraine lags behind, Global AgeWatch Index reports


World Happiness Report 2013: most CIS countries feel happier than Ukraine

Ukraine lands 87th out of 156 in the World Happiness Report 2013, experts estimate for the UN