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failed state

Dying Out?

Ukraine’s key demographic problem is a high mortality rate caused by the poor health of its population, a demographer says


Shot In the Foot

The current government is incapable of improving social justice even as it scrambles to imitate efforts to do so ahead of the autumn parliamentary election


Operation “Imitation”

The government’s “anti-corruption” efforts do not affect the roots of the evil


How Can We Feed the World? Economist Conferences to Address Food Crisis At Inaugural Summit

Economist Conferences are hosting Feeding the World on February 8th 2012 in Geneva, assembling the most respected names from agribusiness, policy, international agencies, science and the NGO community


Our Сhildren

Foster families on the rise in Ukraine


Tender Thugs

Those in power can easily prove the legality of any scam


A Twist of the Wrist

Oleksandr Bondar, currently an MP and ex-Chairman of the State Property Fund, says the privatization program hardly affects anything


Take and Divide: the Government Wants to Sell Almost All of its Assets by 2014

Privatization can be facilitated via simplified preparation and sale procedures


Finland: Country of Innovators

Ilkka and Vappu Taipale talk about social capital, consensus and innovation in their home country


Property Redistribution

A draft law on decriminalizing economic crimes gives the green light to raider schemes