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failed state

Take and Divide: the Government Wants to Sell Almost All of its Assets by 2014

Privatization can be facilitated via simplified preparation and sale procedures


Finland: Country of Innovators

Ilkka and Vappu Taipale talk about social capital, consensus and innovation in their home country


Property Redistribution

A draft law on decriminalizing economic crimes gives the green light to raider schemes


Financing Ukrainian Cinema: To Have One’s Cake and Eat It Too?

In early September 2011, the State Cinema Agency announced what projects were officially included in the 2011–2012 Program for Producing and Distributing National Films. Who will benefit and how?


“The Subscriber is Unavailable” (This is a recording)

Ukrtelecom’s bizarre privatization: prepared for over 10 years, to be sold to God-knows-who


Dura lex

The announced reform of the state procurement system creates a legal framework for the uncontrolled use of over UAH 130 billion of budget funds per year